You can’t make this up

Spotted on a corporate website where people can fill out comments/requests, etc. was this:


I am interesting in   a Spellchecker for our CTMS system. What is your recommendation?

What are we supposed to do with this?  What is the appropriate reply?  Come on FOCM’ers, reply with some suggested responses.  Perhaps to get you started:

We are most interesting to responding to your question about recommendationing spellchecked tool.
We recommending that spellcheckering be occurred not in but out of CTMS.  CTMS nown for bean bad speler.  CTMS come in last at speeling bea.

3 thoughts on “You can’t make this up”

  1. I feel a bit sorry for this person. Clearly, a comprehensive grasp of English language and spelling is causing them pain as a company.
    Switching to my more cynical side: Recommend that they hire more women as they are better spellers.

  2. Tell them that once they learn how to spell “CTMS” you’ll share your recommendation for spellchecker. That should result in 1) some scratching of the head, 2) several google searches, 3) some more scratching of the head, and finally 4) you will never hear from them again.

  3. Tell them to go to the FOCM website and after clicking on all of the ads several times, a spelling genie will appear on their system. After that, you tell them they need to hire Vicky Martin.

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