A Look Back at Politics 1948

After my Mom’s passing in October 2017, we found letters she had written to her parents while she was away at college.  She spent one year attending Arizona State College at Tempe (now Arizona State University).  She was there in 1948, during the Presidential election between Thomas Dewey and Harry Truman.  It was interesting to read her comments and to find they don’t sound much different than today.

In late September of that year, she and her Aunt “went into Phoenix to hear Dewey”.  She wrote this: “Daddy, I’m sure you would have liked the part about free enterprise and little government regulation of business.”  (My grandfather worked automobile parts industry.)  Dewey was the Republican candidate.  To this day, Republican candidates still run on easing government regulation of business and letting free enterprise reward companies that make and deliver what people want while making a profit and weeding out those that don’t.

She also wrote, “He sounds as tho he’ll clean up Washington & make things efficient.”  We certainly hear this comment from Presidential candidates every four years.

Not much has changed.

Job Finding Assistance Request

A dues-paying FOCM Network member, Carrie Gallagher has requested the assistance of the network in connecting her son, Patrick Gallagher to opportunities of employment in the Raleigh-Durham area. The strength, breadth and depth of the FOCM network to help in this endeavor is being sought out.

Patrick wants to get into the video game industry and has recently applied at Red Storm Entertainment, Boss Keys and Epic Games. For FOCM Members in the Raleigh/Durham area: does anyone know someone at these or other video game industry companies that might be willing to help Patrick get an informational interview/meeting. He’s just looking to speak with someone and knows that the rest is up to him.
Patrick has taken classes in scientific and technical visualization, game art and design, is proficient in 3DS Max and builds his own computers. He has some coding experience but isn’t certified just yet.

Patrick has worked continuously since he was 16. He is hard working, smart, and nice (his mother’s words and I have met him and agree with her). He’s done very well at every job he has held; always given more responsibility and is well liked by his colleagues. He is ready to move from a job to a career.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Patrick’s Resume

The 5 Second Rule

Just watched a very good Ted talk by Mel Robbins and am sharing it with you at the link below.  Some practical things to do to make your life better and more fulfilling.  Some things to do are simple:

  • when your alarm goes off, GET UP!
  • if you have an urge to dance, DANCE!
  • if you have an urge to say something, SAY IT!

How to stop screwing yourself over

Mel Robbins Website


Quotes of Winston Churchill

I received a gift from a friend of a book entitled “The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill”  compiled by Dominique Enright and several struck me as particularly noteworthy, really speaking either to my sense of humor or my beliefs, which I share with you below:

“if I valued the honourable gentleman’s opinion, I might get angry”, Churchill responded calmly when an Ulster Member shouted “contemptible” during a … debate in the House.

and a favorite of mine – “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

“Trying to maintain good relations with a Communist is like wooing a crocodile.  You do not know whether to tickle it under the chin or beat it over the head.  When it opens its mouth, you cannot tell whether it is trying to smile or preparing to eat you up.”

“The worst quarrels only arise when both sides are equally in the right and in the wrong.”

“Criticism is easy; achievement is difficult.”

“of this I am quite sure, that if we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find we have lost the future.”


FOCM Networking Meeting Minutes March 12, 2018

Report filed from Outpost RTP:

March 12, 2018

It was a bitterly cold and snowy night that caused all but the bravest souls to stay in their warm homes.  Only a select few dared to venture out into the third major winter storm in March.

FOCM members are nothing if not brave, courageous, oh and, thirsty, let’s not forget that.  So there we were on March 12, had previously arranged to have this event at a location which will now remain nameless since they closed and didn’t let me know.  A quick decision was needed and made.  With no time to spare a note was sent out stating we would meet at Mez.

First to arrive at the closed meeting site was Pippa Wilson of Barrington James, second to arrive was Kathleen Finn of Barrington James, third to arrive was Bernie Linner with West Coast Clinical Trials.  We then headed to Mez where we met up with the intrepid (yes, I used dictionary.com) FOCM members (Drew Harrison, Steve Caravaglio, Derrick Ferrar, Carol Miller (photo taker), Chad Pollio, Brooks Satterfield and Kasey Karr (not pictured; arrived late, but made up for it by staying late).  FOCM NEVER cancels its events due to weather! (of course, FOCM reserves the right to change its rules at any time.)

FOCM Winter Storm Warriors

Central Lab Project Manager Opportunity


One of the top clinical research central Labs is looking for an experienced Project Manager in the US.  The position can be located remotely.

If you are interested or know of someone who may be, please send a resume to me at chris@focmnetworking.com



View on recent integrated company names

It seems a fairly uniform response from my friends that the recent new company names: IQVIA (Quintiles – IMS’ new name) and Syneos (INC – Inventiv’s new name) aren’t being received well.  They come across awkwardly and while I’ve not heard the rationale for Syneos (i imagine something to do with synergy), the IQVIA rationale has been explained.  Unfortunately, while most people understand the idea, the name and whether it’s pronounced IQ-veye-uh or IQ-vee-uh it still isn’t considered compelling.  And as we all know, some marketing ad agencies got a lot of money for these names.

So the other day, my domestic partner came up with these bad company names all based on trying to say: “we deliver on promises”:

What other names can we come up with?  I bet an FOCM e-brainstorming session could have done better.

How about a company name for “we tell the truth in advance” or “vaporware is our best seller”?

ProsLyse (prospective lying)

Jokes for Sunday

A man woke up in the hospital after a harrowing operation.  Full of dread, he asked the nurse, “did things go okay?”
The nurse replied, “they were able to save your testicles.”
The man let out a huge sigh of relief.  Then the nurse handed him a plastic cup and said, “they’re in here if you’d like to see them.”

Chuck was out walking his 100 pound rottweiler when he decided to stop at the local tavern.  He tied his dog to a parking meter and headed inside.  Minutes later a woman ran into the bar screaming, “whose dog is outside?”
Chuck stood up and said, “mine.”
“You’d better get out there. My chihuahua is killing him!”, said the woman.
“You’re nuts, lady,” laughed Chuck. “how could a little Chihuahua kill my Rottweiler?”
The woman replied, “he’s stuck in his throat!”

FOCM at Global Clinical Supplies Conference

The month was April, the year 2016, the event: the #1 clinical research industry’s clinical supplies conference – Global Clinical Supply Group.  Several important events happened with photographic evidence to support it.

It was my honor to give a FOCM membership card to one of my favorite co-workers of all-time, Roxann Pinguelo.  Is she thrilled or what?

Roxann Pinguelo

FOCM also welcomed Ryan Jarvis to the organization and Russ Brierley and Renee Brown were on hand to witness these ceremonies.

Ryan Jarvis
Russ Brierley, Ryan Jarvis, Roxann Pinguelo, Renee Brown