View on recent integrated company names

It seems a fairly uniform response from my friends that the recent new company names: IQVIA (Quintiles – IMS’ new name) and Syneos (INC – Inventiv’s new name) aren’t being received well.  They come across awkwardly and while I’ve not heard the rationale for Syneos (i imagine something to do with synergy), the IQVIA rationale has been explained.  Unfortunately, while most people understand the idea, the name and whether it’s pronounced IQ-veye-uh or IQ-vee-uh it still isn’t considered compelling.  And as we all know, some marketing ad agencies got a lot of money for these names.

So the other day, my domestic partner came up with these bad company names all based on trying to say: “we deliver on promises”:

What other names can we come up with?  I bet an FOCM e-brainstorming session could have done better.

How about a company name for “we tell the truth in advance” or “vaporware is our best seller”?

ProsLyse (prospective lying)