FOCM Brainstorming Assignment

A member of FOCM who has recently retired after 30+ years of government service has requested help in coming up with a variety of answers to the question he is often asked – What are you going to do today?  He has been responding with: “whatever the hell I want”.

He would like some other funny, sarcastic and/or sounds real but means nothing responses.

So, let’s brainstorm some responses. To help you get started:

This one was taken from a friend’s facebook post and I modified it a bit:
I am going to replace the impellers on my two Rio 20HF return pumps and Sedra 5000 skimmer pump. I expect electricity usage to drop by 0.4 Amp.

Uncouple the thermocoupler on the HVAC and replace it with copper spherical bearings.

Work on increasing the wattage of the flux capacitors.

7 thoughts on “FOCM Brainstorming Assignment”

  1. I’m working on a solution to world hunger. But that’s so easy, I’ve decided to limit myself to the following tools: a deck of cards, a trowel, a Ziploc bag, a paper clip and a AAA battery. That should fill up my time nicely, thanks for asking.

    I’ve been wanting to replace my roof for a while and recently found out my neighbor had the same inclination. Today we’re going to start a project where we’re going to exchange roofs, as I like his shingle colors better anyway.

    1. Submitted by FOCM Member Ali Hussein via Facebook Messenger:
      God gave me another glorious day to enjoy.

  2. First – sit on the closest beach. Second – start making two list. One is your bucket list. The second is your f**kit list. Third – start immediately to tackle one and forget about the other. It’s really that simple!

  3. 1. I figured I would start delivering that mail I have been throwing in my basement all these years….
    2. Well, I recently recovered from the enterovirus, thank goodness, but now I might have Ebola (no more conversation is needed as all other participants have left the building.

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