Hump day humor

It’s Wednesday – a good time for adding humor to your day:

From Readers Digest May 2017 issue:

My friend, a county public health nurse, was reviewing a student’s medical records when she noticed that the girl and her mother share the same first name.  My friend asked, “doesn’t that ever get confusing?”  To which the girl said, “oh no, I just call her Mom.”
sent in by Beth Nelson from Clear Lake, Wisconsin

I’d recently written an academic book, which  my six year old son asked to see.  I handed him a copy and he carefully examined the pages.  When he was done, he closed the book and, looking perplexed, asked, “Dad, do you understand any of this?”
sent in by Tanni Haas, NY, NY

and next: responses that tenants gave their landlords after not paying the rent on time:

  • I didn’t pay the rent because I’m saving up to move.
  • Oh come on. You’re gonna harass me on Valentine’s Day?
  • My last landlord had no problem with me paying late. This seems to be a real big issue with you.
  • Well, if I wasn’t late with the rent, you’d never come to see me.
  • I’m getting real tired of paying this rent every month. You’ll just have to wait.