The Clinton’s – Making Money

Saw this and had to share – kinda funny right?

So we have Hillary running for President who has basically been a government employee for the past 25 years and her net worth is $31,000,000 and Bernie has been a government employee for about 40 years and his net worth is $530,000.  What did she do to get that much money?

  • Gave speeches for $225,000 each
  • In 2013, Hillary received $9,680,000 from her paid speeches
  • Salary as a senator ~$174,000/year for 8 years
  • Salary as Secretary of State $186,000 for 4 years
Clinton Irony
Clinton Irony

The Clinton’s – out of touch with reality.  I loved how she couldn’t work the turnstile on the subway, she’s not driven a car in 20 years, of course, she feels our pain and understands Americans who struggle and knows what they need (dripping with sarcasm).  Just go away, please.

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