Key Word is Illegal in re: Immigration

What I can’t understand is the desire of Democrats to look the other way on “illegal” activity.  Illegal immigration, illegally entering the country – pretty clear right? ILLEGAL

But, but, but they just want a better life and they provide us with cheap labor for jobs American citizens don’t want, right?  Well then let’s figure out a visiting worker program, register legally to come up here and work.  In other words, have a LEGAL process.  We do have legal processes now for student visas, green cards, etc.  Let’s work on that process to decrease the backlog and time it takes.

I love how skilled Hillary Clinton is at talking out of both sides of her mouth – as a U.S. Senator in 2007 Hillary Clinton voted for a so-called “poison pill” amendment that helped derail immigration reform and now she’s blasting Republicans for being mean to ILLEGAL immigrants.

We have seen how well looking the other way on illegal entry into the country works in the murder of Kate Steinle – #katesteinleslifematters

The mayor and city council and sheriff of San Francisco should be arrested for violating Federal law.  #arrestedlee

One thought on “Key Word is Illegal in re: Immigration”

  1. Some good ideas are included here, Chris, on what types of reforms are necessary to our nations immigration policy. The nature of those reforms point out the reasons we seem to have this schizophrenic approach to the fact that we have so much illegal immigration in the first place. The issue has been so politicized that it is virtually impossible to get any kind of reform, and so the wave of undocumented immigrants continue. It continues because that is how capitalism works. It doesn’t respect a nations restrictions on a key need in our nations economy. Demand and supply are the two core ingredients, just like illegal drugs. We have an incessant need for both cheap labor and illegal drugs. The demand will be met, but with one dealing with human beings and the other dealing with a product, these can’t be dealt with the same way which is to stick our heads in the sand, keep saying no, and letting the situation fester. The notion that Democrats are ok with the illegality of people entering the country without proper documentation, or one act of violence committed by an individual, is a clear example of this politicization. Rather than looking at the situation with broader view, this accusation is based on the limitations expressed by many in our country to display critical thinking skills and instead rely on simplistic, black and white rules or strict adherence to party affiliation. One Republican caught raping young boys does not determine what the party stands for, does it?

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