FOCM Welcomes Erich McGilvreay

The afternoon of November 20, 2014 found me at The Fish House or maybe it was Dockside on Airlie Road in Wilmington, NC.  There in a back corner of the restaurant sat Pete Nieto and Erich McGilvreay. Okay, okay, I knew they were there, we’d planned to get together.  They’d had a meeting in town and so we caught up over a beer before they headed back to Raleigh.

Erich mentioned that for as long as he’s known me, he still hadn’t received his FOCM card.  There was a good reason for that – his background check was taking a long time to complete.  There were several items which required further investigation.  I’m happy to report that everything checked out and Erich received his card in the traditional ceremony.  While the picture is blurry (Pete Nieto, photographer), Erich’s standing in FOCM has never been clearer.

Erich McGilvreay
Erich McGilvreay

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