July 22 Networking Event Recap

A contingent of North Carolina FOCM members gathered last night at Edwards Mill Bar and Grill in Raleigh.
Seven members fought the traffic and made it.
Attendees: Marysasser Holloway, Andy Holloway, Gayle Grandinetti (arrived first), Mark Mickunas, Mike Burrows, Vince Hoefling, Mike Markowitz

The very reason to network was displayed: Mark’s son, an NCSU college graduate in Computer Sciences is looking for work. It was discussed that perhaps a position in Clinical Data Management would be a good start. Marysasser gave Mark the contact info for a recruiter at Clinforce/DOCS who works in that area.

Other networking value was provided as myself and one other are in job searches and needed to discuss several job offers.

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  1. Hi Chris, does the Mark’s son know any C#? We’re thinking about another developer for our product. Thanks.

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