FOCM RTP, NC Chapter Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2014

In an extremely rare moment, I actually issued the announcement of the January 14 meeting 6 days before the event.  I am serious! I really did.  As such, we had a very good turnout. It was also helped party for Tom Perkins, which added a few more people who also came over to the FOCM section.

I gave so much notice because Toni Tiburzi had let me know she was coming to Raleigh and we had been wanting to meet and learn more about each other’s companies. I said, not only will we meet, but I’ll throw a FOCM event so you can meet more RTP area people. So thank you Toni.

First to arrive was Andrew Smith, he even beat me there. In attendance were (in no particular order):

Toni Tiburzi, Rosina Maar Pavia, Josh Davis, Mike Burrows, Vince Hoefling, Nick Macaulay, Kelly O’Brien, Heather Lee, Susan Thomason, Paul Casey, Gayle Grandinetti, Carrie Gallagher, Mike Markowitz, Tom McPhatter.

Receiving their FOCM Cards that night were: Toni Tiburzi, King Jolly and Paul Casey. If I forgot anyone else who received their card, please let me know and I’ll amend the minutes.

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