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I recently was introduced to Heather Hollick through Tanyss Mason, a FOCM member since Fall of 2013.  I met Tanyss through a friend who introduced us.  As you can see, we each gained additional people and resources into our respective networks.  Heather’s business focuses on leadership development, team building and career coaching.  We hit it off right away with our recognition of the need and value for networking.  Heather blogs at her own website on those topics.  She has an excellent article on how to create a stronger LinkedIn profile and is graciously sharing it with FOCM Network.  This has very practical and easy to follow steps, starting with what should you do when updating and writing content for your profile.  The first thing is to turn off notifications until you have completed the update, so as not to inundate your network with multiple notifications on each thing you update.  Then once you have made the changes that she recommends, you are to turn back on the notifications.  You can go to the link below to read the full content.

How To Create A Stronger LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is so much more than a resume — an up-to-date profile leads to better meetings, better connections and better introductions.

But what should you actually do when updating and writing content for your profile? Every entry in your resume or LinkedIn profile should contain three key pieces of information: What you did in that role, what you learned, and what you were ready for. Most people stop at listing what they have done. You are stopping yourself short. Read on for details on how to make create a LinkedIn profile that depth and color rather than just the dry facts about what you have done.

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