Quotes out of Context Continued

So this all started at a US Sales meeting and in order to stay focused on what was being said, I started writing down the business cliches, like “let’s circle the wagons”, “let’s table that”, “always be closing” and then count how many times they were said. As I began paying attention, I would hear a phrase that was appropriate for the context in which it was said, but wow, it sure was amusing to see the phrase just sitting there by itself. This is a continuation in the series of “quotes taken entirely out of context.”

If you’re not making it easier, you’re making it harder – Josh Underwood

In Clinical, change is bad – Christine Oliver

I did 5 years in Clin Ops – Scott Nodolf

We are blindfolded in the dark, throwing darts – Jamey McCarty

You’re going to shit and fall back in it – Anonymity requested

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