LaunchBio NC Networking

LaunchBio (LaunchBio) holds events on the first Thursday of the month in Durham, NC.  They are held in the Chesterfield Building in the downtown area.  The building was formerly a cigarette manufacturing building.  It has now been converted and there is incubator lab space for drug discovery and development.

It is a great opportunity for networking with people involved in the clinical research industry.  Here I am enjoying a Durty Bull Lager beer and conversation with Peter Weiman and David Holland (they’re drinking the IPA that was being served).


FOCM New Members and DIA 2018

FOCM was busy before and at the DIA convention in Boston in June.  FOCM along with Zymewire, Investigator Support Services, Kwipped and DataMatrix sponsored the 2nd annual Sunday night networking event before DIA exhibits opened.  In the exhibit hall, FOCM gave its seal of approval to several vendors, assisTek being one.  Unfortunately, the Arizona State Sun Devil hand sign snuck into the picture.  In the shadow on the table, it appears to be a weapon of some kind.

Clinical Reconnections Event Hosts








At the recent annual Drug Information Association (DIA) meeting held in Boston last month, two outstanding individuals completed the grueling probationary period, thorough background checks and initiation process. Please join me in welcoming Andrew Suri and Megan Carson to FOCM. As others who have received their membership cards, the ceremony itself can be emotionally draining. This was no exception, the sheer joy on their faces tells the story.

Andrew is Director of Business Development for Clinogix.  Megan is Assistant Project Manager at assisTek.

Andrew Suri
Megan Carson

Job Finding Assistance Request

A dues-paying FOCM Network member, Carrie Gallagher has requested the assistance of the network in connecting her son, Patrick Gallagher to opportunities of employment in the Raleigh-Durham area. The strength, breadth and depth of the FOCM network to help in this endeavor is being sought out.

Patrick wants to get into the video game industry and has recently applied at Red Storm Entertainment, Boss Keys and Epic Games. For FOCM Members in the Raleigh/Durham area: does anyone know someone at these or other video game industry companies that might be willing to help Patrick get an informational interview/meeting. He’s just looking to speak with someone and knows that the rest is up to him.
Patrick has taken classes in scientific and technical visualization, game art and design, is proficient in 3DS Max and builds his own computers. He has some coding experience but isn’t certified just yet.

Patrick has worked continuously since he was 16. He is hard working, smart, and nice (his mother’s words and I have met him and agree with her). He’s done very well at every job he has held; always given more responsibility and is well liked by his colleagues. He is ready to move from a job to a career.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Patrick’s Resume

FOCM Networking Meeting Minutes March 12, 2018

Report filed from Outpost RTP:

March 12, 2018

It was a bitterly cold and snowy night that caused all but the bravest souls to stay in their warm homes.  Only a select few dared to venture out into the third major winter storm in March.

FOCM members are nothing if not brave, courageous, oh and, thirsty, let’s not forget that.  So there we were on March 12, had previously arranged to have this event at a location which will now remain nameless since they closed and didn’t let me know.  A quick decision was needed and made.  With no time to spare a note was sent out stating we would meet at Mez.

First to arrive at the closed meeting site was Pippa Wilson of Barrington James, second to arrive was Kathleen Finn of Barrington James, third to arrive was Bernie Linner with West Coast Clinical Trials.  We then headed to Mez where we met up with the intrepid (yes, I used FOCM members (Drew Harrison, Steve Caravaglio, Derrick Ferrar, Carol Miller (photo taker), Chad Pollio, Brooks Satterfield and Kasey Karr (not pictured; arrived late, but made up for it by staying late).  FOCM NEVER cancels its events due to weather! (of course, FOCM reserves the right to change its rules at any time.)

FOCM Winter Storm Warriors

Central Lab Project Manager Opportunity


One of the top clinical research central Labs is looking for an experienced Project Manager in the US.  The position can be located remotely.

If you are interested or know of someone who may be, please send a resume to me at



FOCM at Global Clinical Supplies Conference

The month was April, the year 2016, the event: the #1 clinical research industry’s clinical supplies conference – Global Clinical Supply Group.  Several important events happened with photographic evidence to support it.

It was my honor to give a FOCM membership card to one of my favorite co-workers of all-time, Roxann Pinguelo.  Is she thrilled or what?

Roxann Pinguelo

FOCM also welcomed Ryan Jarvis to the organization and Russ Brierley and Renee Brown were on hand to witness these ceremonies.

Ryan Jarvis
Russ Brierley, Ryan Jarvis, Roxann Pinguelo, Renee Brown

Historic FOCM Card Ceremony

This FOCM card-membership ceremony was a very significant one for several reasons –

  1. It just happened on November 11, 2017 – making it very recent given my usual delay in posting such things
  2. It’s too important to delay until I catch up
  3. recipient and I probably first met when we were pre-schoolers and
  4. we spent our formative years in that oasis in the desert known as Yuma, AZ
  5. we slow danced to Stairway to Heaven or maybe it was Nights in White Satin in 8th grade
  6. wandered around Yuma on New Year’s Eve with a few friends and a few bottles of Boones Farm wine generously donated by our sisters when we were 13

At the recent Kofa High School reunion, this significant event (photo below) was captured.

Jody (Ambur) Nestell received her FOCM membership card.  Other than family members, I believe she is the youngest card-holder that I’ve known the longest.  Perhaps only Brady Leffler and Jody’s cousin, Ray Face, if they’re ready to accept the responsibilities of card holdership could surpass this.

Jody (Ambur) Nestell receives her card!


FOCM Members at Wilmington NC Event

Here’s an interesting item about FOCM that I just realized comes from my having grown up in a small town in Arizona – if there’s a party in town – join it! You may call it crashing it, but in Yuma, AZ, if there was a wedding reception in town, regardless if you were invited, you went to it.  So in that vein, when I organize Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking Events in Wilmington, NC, it’s an open call for all FOCM members.  While in this case they do belong to the Pharma/Bio/CRO industry, they do also belong to FOCM.

So on the night of March 31, this picture was snapped and all but the guy on the far right, who I know I met but haven’t seen him since, so if you know him, please tell me so I can update the caption.

Kris Klein, John Peterson, Wendy Revenaugh, Gayle Grandinetti and Anonymous (for now)

FOCM Sticker Seen Downtown

So there I was on March 26, 2016 a few blocks from downtown Wilmington when I spotted FOCM member Gayle Grandinetti’s car proudly sporting the FOCM window decal!  Any member is eligible to get one at the reduced member rate of $5.00.  I’d like to say they make a great Christmas gift, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

FOCM Window Decal

FOCM World of Beer Networking Event

I am determined to catch up with my backlog of posts and pictures.  It was March 15, 2016 at World of Beer in Cary, NC where a FOCM Networking Event was held.  It was the night before Arena International’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast meeting.

Quite a good turnout and FOCM membership cards were given out to deserving members.  Attendees included: Chad Pollio, Lisa Campbell, Bernie Linner, Jeff Hudak, Vince Hoefling, Constance Hopkins, Deb Carfagno, Mark Paul and a colleague, Denee Oakley, Peter Payne, Paula Heyer, Jennifer with Acurian, Dana Edwards and a colleague, Kim Martinez, Erin Tabet and a colleague, Rosina Pavia, Michelle Jacobson, Sue Joor, Paul Eisenmann, Brian Langin, Jon Gardow, Diane Romick, Alison Greenwood, Laura Peters, Mike Markowitz, Garrett Smith, Chris Ramm, Pippa Wilson, Paul Oldfield, Breyona Fenner and two that I only have down as ‘knows Ken Billard’ and ‘Brit TRX guy’.

Diane Romick
The Crowd
Sue Joor, Michelle Jacobson
Breyona Fenner
Sue Joor
Deb Carfagno, Chad Pollio