Wilmington Life Sciences Event May 23

We had a great turnout at the May 23 Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking event.

We had a great turnout at the May 23 Wilmington Pharma/Bio/CRO Networking event. Thanks to all who were there. Mishelle Smith with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Raleigh office was able to share with many attendees information about the Wilmington “Pipeline to a Cure” fundraiser taking place on August 3rd.


We also had a good turn out from out of towners: from Raleigh: Duncan Shaw of DTS Language Services, Brian Horan of SupplyRx, Kalyn Dozier of IDDI, Brian Stigall of BioBridges and from New Jersey, Mike O’Gorman with Life Science Marketplace and SeeMedX.

Others in attendance: Steve and Sandie Simpson, Brittany Hayes Savoca, Tracey Hopkins, Sandy Agrella, Emma Eckler, Wayne Whittingham, Michael Barron, Doug Denny, Liz Luke. A few photos were taken:

Kalyn Dozier, IDDI
Doug Denny, Precision for Medicine and Wayne Whittingham, CardioPharma
Wayne Whittingham, CardioPharma and Brian Horan, SupplyRx


FOCM Member Card Recipient Ceremony

Yes, this is proof that some news improves with time. I have developed an AI algorithm which determines the best time to post stories and events. It’s not always important to be timely. Just as the best wines are aged to perfection, so too, does FOCM apply the same principle.

In June of 2015 at the annual Drug Information Association (DIA) conference, Megan O’Keefe received her FOCM membership card. At the time Megan was working for Synteract. I believe (this is where the aging of posts’ algorithm has a bug – my memory can be fuzzy) we were introduced by Erin Tabet and Kim Martinez at that conference. I am pretty sure that is Kim behind me.

Photographic evidence is below:

Megan O’Keefe June DIA 2015


FOCM World of Beer Networking Event

I am determined to catch up with my backlog of posts and pictures.  It was March 15, 2016 at World of Beer in Cary, NC where a FOCM Networking Event was held.  It was the night before Arena International’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast meeting.

Quite a good turnout and FOCM membership cards were given out to deserving members.  Attendees included: Chad Pollio, Lisa Campbell, Bernie Linner, Jeff Hudak, Vince Hoefling, Constance Hopkins, Deb Carfagno, Mark Paul and a colleague, Denee Oakley, Peter Payne, Paula Heyer, Jennifer with Acurian, Dana Edwards and a colleague, Kim Martinez, Erin Tabet and a colleague, Rosina Pavia, Michelle Jacobson, Sue Joor, Paul Eisenmann, Brian Langin, Jon Gardow, Diane Romick, Alison Greenwood, Laura Peters, Mike Markowitz, Garrett Smith, Chris Ramm, Pippa Wilson, Paul Oldfield, Breyona Fenner and two that I only have down as ‘knows Ken Billard’ and ‘Brit TRX guy’.

Diane Romick
The Crowd
Sue Joor, Michelle Jacobson
Breyona Fenner
Sue Joor
Deb Carfagno, Chad Pollio