January 2023 Networking Event Summary

January 18 2023 Networking event

The January FOCM | GLSA Networking event started out with welcoming everyone and wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 

A review of the events guidelines was stated – think of this as an open house event – drop in when you can and leave when you need to; when we have a topic and presenter we have them start when we have assembled a good number of people and that’s usually 10-15 minutes after the start. Presenters’ topics are not sales pitches – the focus is on an aspect of clinical trials, where their services are used and what they offer. 

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As our passion is to connect people and companies we know and like to other people and companies we know and like, we asked everyone to put into the chat the link to their LinkedIn profile. This allows for quick and simple connecting and facilitates future follow up.

We opened the event sharing industry updates, news, and/or gossip that anyone wanted to bring up. Then the focus of this event was on cold chain logistics. Loretta then began the presentation portion with an overview of managing cold chain shipments. There are several categories of temperature control: ambient (room temperature), refrigerated, frozen and sub-zero. The regulations and guidelines for handling temperature excursions was reviewed. Examples of the financial and product losses that have occurred from situations where the temperature was not maintained were discussed. Then Rafa and Victor shared how CoolChain’s products and services are used to maintain temperature across all the categories. The boxes that they use can maintain a temperature for any of the ranges for up to 120 hours (5 days). A key benefit is that a refrigerated truck container isn’t needed and you can transport products in one shipment that are from each of the temperature categories. Another very important part is to minimize waste. Rather than use single use containers, CoolChain’s shipping containers are reclaimed and can be re-used for up to 2 years.


Rafa Martin-Alos Cool Chain
Victor Camacho Cool Chain
Loretta Cipkus Dubray Global Clinical Connections
Joseph Cheng PiVOT
Mike O’Gorman Life Science Marketplace
Brian Langin Diligent Pharma
Liz Mirra Mirraponte
Ori Geshury Mirraponte
Duncan Shaw DTS Language Services
Scott Robertson Mednet
Griffin Robertson Mednet
Jeff Page Consultant
Kate Mullis ICON GPHS

GLSA Attendees:

Denise McNerney
Chris Matheus
Joe Buser
Charity Dube
Hannah Lloyd
Sally Haller
Daryl Oberg
Holly Cliffe
Timmina Williams

A screenshot from the event is below:

Screen Shot of January 18 event