Political Parody

My Mom purchased a subscription to Weekly Standard for me several years ago.  Yes, it leans conservative but the editors are definitely not pro-Trump.

One of the things I enjoy about it is the last page is usually a parody of a real story or headline and they take off with it and have fun.  This one made me chuckle.  They start with the true story of Elizabeth Warren and her DNA test revealing that she does have some Native American ancestory.

Eliz Warren

Funny Political Cartoon

Saw this in the Wilmington Encore newspaper and it made me laugh.  It’s so true of either party – the blind followers of their party.  With the reports that 87% of media personnel self-identify as Democrat/liberal/progressive, it was rare, if at all, to have seen a cartoon like this about Obama despite the quantity of examples.  Such as: “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” and “premiums will go down”, could have been been used in this cartoon strip. I’m sure we all know people who do seem to ignore reality to twist themselves into defending their person.  Since the election, I have truly made it a point to really try to understand other’s opinions and rationale instead of trying to loudly get mine across.

Please enjoy this cartoon: The Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

The Modern World