Global Warming

Looks like global warming is not all man-made and mankind can actually do something to help.  Cut down the lianas vines and shred them to use as mulch.  Let’s organize lianas vine cutting safaris.  We can form groups to live in the jungles for weeks at a time chopping these down.  Come on everyone, it’s for the future of Mother Earth, we’ve got to do something!  We know we can’t count on Al Gore, Brad Pitt, HiLIARy Clinton, Michael Moore to give up their private jets, so it’s up to us.

Nations around the world are attempting to come up with an agreement to curb CO2 emissions. All the while vines are strangling jungles, reducing their ability to recycle Co2.

The specific plants at blame are lianas vines, which are commonly found in tropical rain forests across the world. ‘Lianas’ is not refer a taxonomic group of specific plants, but instead is more akin to “shrub” or “tree.”  Lianas vines are long-stemmed, woody vines that crawl up trees and into canopies.

Now these vines are threatening to reduce the ability of jungles to store and recycle carbon. Researchers believe that the lianas vines, which are spreading aggressively across tropical rain forests, could reduce the overall Co2 recycling ability of tropical forests by 35 percent.

(Disclaimer: if sarcasm was not detected in the first paragraph, it should have been)

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