Election Year Observations

My family has long subscribed to Readers Digest and I continue to get it.  Here are a few comments made in a recent issue that seem relevant during this unpredictable presidential election.

Americans over the age of 40 are the only citizens with even the dimmest adult memories of the presidency of George H. W. Bush …[so] close to 100 million eligible voters have no firsthand recollection of a time when things worked in Washington.  That might be a starting point for understanding the crippling cynicism that hangs over contemporary politics.
Walter Shapiro, political columnist in a blog post

The basis of democracy is the willingness to assume well about other people.
Marilynne Robinson, PhD, novelist and professor of writing, New York Review of Books

Forcing public figures to instinctively fear saying anything even remotely offensive doesn’t encourage argument or intellectual rigor or even honesty. Instead, it compels people to stick to bland sound bites and safe topics.
Sophie Gilbert, culture writer, The Atlantic

The entry above appears to be followed by everyone in this year’s election, which may be why it’s causing such upheaval and strong feelings.

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