To stare at tattoos or not

Interesting article by Jeff Haden of Inc Magazine and a LinkedIn INfluencer

He contends that people who have tattoos or wear flashy clothes are inviting that others look at them. Here’s an excerpt:

“The same is true for anything unusual (by “unusual” I simply mean outside the norm) that people do to look good, stand out, or make a statement. It’s on purpose.

But I’m not judging — far from it. I’m too insecure to purposely call attention to myself. My clothing choices say: “Just blending in. Nothing to see here!” I envy anyone with the confidence to dress or act differently. I wish I was like that.

So by all means express yourself. Make a statement, bold as you like — professional setting or otherwise — with your apparel, your accessories, your tattoos, your piercings, or your actions. I think it’s great.

Just don’t get mad when people look for a beat longer than usual… and occasionally even stare.

That must be your intention.

After all — you invited us to.”

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