March 5, 2014 FOCM Meeting Minutes

On March 5, the RTP, NC Chapter of FOCM met at the micro-brewery, Bombshell Beer Company in Holly Springs, NC.

In January, I met Ellen, one of the co-owners at a hotel bar outside Philadelphia. We were both up there on business travel and she told me about the brewery, so I decided we would have a FOCM event there.
Ellen, Jackie and Michelle all received their FOCM membership cards that night.

We had a good turnout, big surprise, huh? Micro-brewery, beer, friends of mine, okay, so not a big surprise. In attendance that evening were: Renee Brown, Josh Davis, Chad Pollio, Carrie Gallagher, Gayle Grandinetti, Sarah Meister, Wendy Revenaugh, Mike Burrows, Mark Mickunas, Chris Dapolite and a friend of his in the insurance business and Jeff Manning.

So an interesting observation was made about how people taste flights of beers – all but one person who ordered a flight fully drank each beer before moving on to the other. The one person who took a different approach was Jeff Manning, an accountant/CFO by trade: he drank a taste out of each of the 4 (or was it 5) glasses, keeping the glasses level as he worked his tasting each to the bottom.

I highly recommend Bombshell Brewing Company; open to the public Thurs-Sat and very tasty beers.

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