How NOT to network

Remember, networking is a two way street.  Do not underestimate the importance about getting to know the person you met.  This blog by Whitney Johnson was seen on LinkedIn.  I liked how open and talkative the student was; however, he never asked her anything!

Returning home recently from a consulting engagement in Tampa, I found myself stranded, late at night, in the Washington Dulles airport. The small regional airline I was counting on for a puddle jump never came through. Eventually, the airline loaded all nine passengers into a van, and shuttled us the two  hours to Shenandoah Regional airport.

One of my fellow travelers was a student at a local university. Upon discovering that we lived fewer than three miles apart, he asked me for a ride for the final leg home. I happily agreed.

During our 45 minute drive, I learned a lot about him: his name, where he grew up, where he goes to school, his major, what his parents do for a living, his own career aspirations when he graduates in a few months. We even discovered that we have an acquaintance in common.

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