How FOCM Can Help

A colleague of mine working for a service provider in the clinical research industry approached me to see if I could help them ensure an audience for a promotional and educational event they were hosting in the Raleigh area.  This is a perfect example of using my network and passion for connecting people to good use.

By being an active networker, I have also met people similar to me.  So in the above case I reached out to one of them, also in the industry as well as reached out via email to people I thought would be interested in attending.  I also did a reminder email the day of the event.

As is well known in the advertising and promotion world, sometimes it’s hard to pin down which communication inspired people to respond.  The host of the event may have emailed some of the same people as I did.

I did a count and of the 30 attendees, 9 were people I had reached out to.

I am working on a business model for such a service.  What would you be willing to pay for such a service?

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    1. Well, I hadn’t considered that, but sure. I don’t know many children, would it be okay if I turn a child’s party into a FOCM happy hour?

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