NCAA Punishes North Carolina

So the NCAA decides to schedule 7 college sports playoffs or championship events outside of North Carolina because North Carolina’s legislature passed a bill they don’t agree with.  Really? Yes, really.  Why the hell is the NCAA getting involved in political BS?  It irritated me enough to write the letter below and send it to them.

NCAA Headquarters
700 W. Washington St.
PO Box 6222
Indianapolis, IN  46206-6222

Dear NCAA Headquarters:

This letter is to recommend that you stick to your dedication to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes and stay out of political side shows.  Rescheduling college playoff and championship events outside of North Carolina is ridiculous.

Two of your seven beliefs – “an inclusive culture” and “respect” for philosophical differences seems to be forgotten in your decision.  You should respect the autonomy and philosophical difference that the state of North Carolina legislature has taken.

North Carolina residents don’t deserve this treatment from you and you certainly have no role in meting out punishment to those with whom you disagree as though you’re an arbiter of social conscience.  I didn’t see that in your seven core beliefs.


NCAA Core Values

One thought on “NCAA Punishes North Carolina”

  1. Love it, Chris. I couldn’t agree with you more. They are out of control and where does it end? I agree – simply ridiculous.

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