Washing Machine Recommendations

So we are in the market for a new washing machine.  i am a subsciber to Consumer Reports online.  The last time i was involved in the purchase of a washing machine, they were all top loaders with agitators. The only decision was brand name and features.

Well now, there are these things known as HE (high efficiency) washing machines.  Did you know they do not have the center agitating pole!??   I don’t know how they can work to move clothes around.

More confusing still is the Consumer Reports recommendations.  They do not recommend any top loading agitator.  A lot of their reason is due to water inefficiency.  That is of low importance to me.  My spousal equivalent, who is very smart quickly sees that the HE machine could save $5-$10/ year at a price of $500 more.  That doesnt inspire us as Consumer Reports says washing machines last 10 years. Many of the reviews of the HE machines include comments about not enough water to clean the clothes or dissolve the soap.  We just want a relatively quiet machine that we can adjust the amount of water on our own, not letting the machine decide and having hot, warm and cold settings.  You know, old school-give me clean clothes.  I am not worried about huge capacity – it’s just 2 of us, We want clean clothes and aren’t interested in water efficiency.

I would like to hear from FOCM members about your washing machine experience and recommendations.


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