Record-Setting FOCM New Member Ceremonies

The dates: October 26 -27, 2015 will long live in the annals of FOCM, destined to be recorded in the Library or Networking Congress.  Multiple esteemed and worthy individuals received their FOCM membership cards in the traditional (and emotional) ceremony befitting such an honor.  Fortunately, there was a cadre of photographers capturing the events as you will see below.

Catherine Ginzer, Oracle received her card at a DIA in a group ceremony orchestrated by Chris Dapolite probably two years earlier.  Catherine is one of FOCM’s most enthusiastic members.  Another member in good standing: Nadine Maag was in attendance and served as sponsor for her co-worker Lucas Miller.

Those who went through the ceremony at this conference were: Craig Mooney, BMS; Debra Riley, Pfizer; Alyssa Gilliam, ICON; Lucas Miller, ICON; Chris Driver, Cenduit; Martha Devine, Astellas and Maria Napoliello Humagain, Shire.

I believe networking and working with people we know makes business interactions more enjoyable and less uncertain.  So I like sharing the history I have with my connections.  Maria Napoliello Humagain and I worked together at ICON Clinical Research’s Interactive Technology Group in the 2000’s; Martha Devine, Chris Driver, XY, Debra Riley and I met for the first time at this conference.  Craig Mooney and I have known each other for 7+ years; Nadine Maag and I have known each other for ~10 years

Maria Humagain
Martha Devine
Chris Driver
Debra Riley
Alyssa Gilliam
Craig Mooney
Lucas Miller & Nadine Maag
Catherine Ginzer

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  1. 2015? Well, good for you for catching up! We need a secret handshake now………perhaps local lodge/affiliation numbers. Regional chapters?

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