Member seeks corporate intel

submitted by Warren Fischer

Does anyone know about Aris Global: any intel on them, working experience/environment, quality of their services, etc.

3 thoughts on “Member seeks corporate intel”

  1. Warren,
    I would be very careful with this company. I have a long history of knowing them and several people who have and do work for them. It appears that if you are on the technical side, you may do okay and survive. The sales side, however, is another story. The culture is a bit strange, and I know of one person who was fired, after three weeks, for “non performance.” The person works for me now, and is my #1 rep. Other sales people report their commissions were not paid properly. Like most software companies, services is an issue. However, when I have people who are currently working there asking me for a job, because the product and services are poor, I have to question the quality. I hope this helps you.

  2. Aris Global is not one of your top organizations.

    There seems to be a revolving door in the company due to the management style of the senior staff.

    Not a company that I would recommend to anyone unless it is purely for cash flow purposes.

    I think that their products are actually good when it comes to performance.

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