FOCM Networking Event Pictures

March 23 -25, 2015 found me in the Raleigh/Durham area for Arena International’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast Conference.

On the night of March 23, a FOCM networking event was held at Rally Point Sports Bar in Cary, NC.  It turned out to be the last NC FOCM event for Heather Wallace before she moved to Arizona.  Heather greets Kelly O’Brien by jumping in to her arms, which Kelly handles with agility.

Heather and Kelly
Heather and Kelly

Chad Pollio, Kelly and I paid our respect to Kevin Boos (absent) by affecting the Boos Pose of  Thoughtful Inebriation.

Chad Pollio, Kelly O'Brien, Me
Chad Pollio, Kelly O’Brien, Me






4 thoughts on “FOCM Networking Event Pictures”

  1. Heather in Arizona? Do the terms of her probation even allow that?? What fair city will be blessed with her presence??

    1. Jon, I changed my identity. I now have more hair. Oh, and I’m no longer a Saltine, I’m more like a Ritz.

  2. I like the photo contest idea. I also dig your commentary with the photos. I’m cracking up! Chris, you are so much fun! I love that we have a forum / group for being serious, making network connections, and all this while having a blast!

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