FOCM Members Holiday Lunch 2014

Yes, the title says 2014!!  I am a little behind in my work, but let not it be said that I am delinquent in the eventuality of sharing memories from the past.

For me, one of the great things about loving to connect people is to have mutual friends send me photos of them staying connected.biTwo of my favoritest former co-worker and all around good people in the industry: Debbie McCoy and Martin Cleary shared a photo of them having a year end lunch from 2014. Well, at least I think that’s them, it could be a couple of people in the witness protection program given the backlighting.

I think this is in Collegeville, PA which suggests to me that the fried starfish Debbie ordered is less than fresh!?!

Debbie “The Real” McCoy and Martin Cleary

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