FOCM Brainstorming Assignment

Help in naming a beach condo is today’s crowd-sourcing brainstorming name creation assignment.

In a condominium complex called The Breakers are 4 buildings with 18 units in each building. The four buildings are A, B, C and D. The unit needing a name is unit C-4. I, because I know that C4 is a name of a plastic explosive, always add the tag line “it’s explosive” when I say C4. So when people ask me which unit is ours, I say “C4, its explosive”. Some people don’t get it and look confused, but I don’t care.

So FOCM Team Mission Impossible Branding/Name Generation: your mission if you choose to accept it is to post in the comments section, name ideas for a beach condo in Carolina Beach, in The Breakers complex, the unit C-4. Rules: any name is a good idea, no judging or responding negatively to other’s suggested names.


14 thoughts on “FOCM Brainstorming Assignment”

  1. I’m thinking something along the lines of “C4Ever” to describe the view of the ocean.

    Seems to be sticky enough for folks that don’t enjoy an occasional explosive device like Jack and I do.

  2. How about just spelling out the letters in another language? Ce Quatro? (Apologies to the people who actually know how to speak Spanish.)

    I also like playing off of the “C” as Sea. Years ago, when I switched from Windows to Mac I had to give up the famous C:\ drive. The Mac allows you to name hard drives with actual words and I have been naming my hard drives after bodies of water even since. I am not sure how to work that into the name of the beach house, but others seem to be playing on that theme.

  3. The Circuit Breaker
    Breaking Beach
    Breaking Bread
    Yuma East
    Circus 4
    See For Miles
    See Bermuda

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