Single payer government run healthcare

Here’s why I am not in favor of government run healthcare.

In addition to worse care and higher death rates for hospitalized patients, just think of your experience at the DMV – government employees who get their salary and their two breaks and a lunch who don’t care how long you wait, have no motivation to improve the process or the quality and if they did, there’s not budget for improvements.

To my friends who say “we need single payer healthcare” – I am astonished.  Sure it makes it equally accessible to all – an equally frustrating, inefficient and uncaring experience. Competition among physician practices to earn more money drives improvements in customer service, quality and improved outcomes.

Maybe politicians want single-payer to lower the average life span in order to improve Social Security’s solvency and remove people from city,  state and federal pension rolls. Much like Governor Cuomo did in NY by sending the elderly with Covid to nursing homes.