Pat Sajak and Climate Change

I got a kick out of these tweets from Pat Sajak:


Help…climate changing…must send money to lots of places…a lot of money…hurry…time is short…not kidding…


Very hot weather: “We’re all going to die!”

Very cold weather: “There’s a difference between climate & weather, moron!”


Ok, I’ll explain again: cold, snowy winters do not disprove global warming, but warm winters do prove it. Got it?

Congressional Budget Office on Obamacare

So I read that the Congressional Budget office concluded that Obamacare will reduce the number of full time equivalent workers by about 2.0 million in 2017 and 2.5 million by 2024. Now remember the Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan group. They also report that in 2024, one decade after implementation of Obamacare there will still be about 31 million Americans uninsured. What kind of craziness is this? This legislation was rammed down our throats because of the disgrace that America has 40+ million uninsured, “we must do something”, so we pass this beast of a bill and 10 years from now, we’ll have only reduced it by 20%?!?! I don’t get it.

And as Ed Rogers writes in the Washington Post on February 11, employers who fall below 100 employees “must certify to the IRS-under the threat of perjury-that the reasons for employee head count have nothing to do with opposition to or avoidance of Obamacare”. So if you’re an employer and you have fewer than 100 employees, its on you, the employer to prove that you aren’t doing this to avoid Obamacare!?!?! That’s another problem I have with the IRS being the enforcer of this law; the leverage they have to fine/audit/harass an employer into compliance is out of line.

Obamacare sign-up success?

Where did the 40 million uninsured people go? What about the cries of how disgraceful it is that 40 million Americans are without insurance?
Now we’re happy to get 7 million previously uninsured on the plan?!? And 7 million was the target??

So it hit me when watching the news that the government expected to get 7 million to sign up and were hopeful when last week the 6 million mark was crossed.
So now I’m thinking, wait 1 damn minute, so for all the squawking about the 40 million, we’re happy that 7 million signed up! We’ve undertaken this expensive disruption to the healthcare delivery system to help 7 million people!!